7 Ways to Stop Being Nervous for Your Interview

We all need jobs to survive but for some of us, getting a job can be much easier said than done.

For some people, walking into a job interview can be just the same as walking into the grocery store or bar. For others though, going to a job interview can be on the same level as going to jail.

It may seem difficult to get rid of the problems that cause nervous behaviors but it doesn’t have to be. With a little effort and practice you can start to see a change and gain the confidence you need to go out and land that epic interview. Here are seven ways that can help you.

#1.Always be Prepared

When you’re prepared, it’s harder to reasonably be scared. Knowing that things are in place can help release tension and give you more confidence.

Think about how you feel when you aren’t prepared. It’s stressful, right? So simply apply the opposite and you will get just that, the opposite effect.

#2.  Stay Positive

When aren’t feeling very confident about a job interview it can be easy to allow negative feelings to ride out. Instead of focusing on negativity and the other things that could go wrong, picture yourself leaving the job interview in the form of success that you would ideally desire. Continue reading

11 Things to NEVER Do in a Job Interview

People spend tons of time focusing on the things they need to be doing for a proper job interview yet only a few question the things they shouldn’t be doing.

During my years of experience of job hiring I have seen and heard of some pretty interesting things that have happened during interviews. The following is a list of 8 things to keep in mind during an interview and make sure that you never do.

1.) Avoid hugging the person you are interviewing with. Yes I’ve seen it before. Candidates becoming so enthralled in the idea of having scored the job and weren’t able to contain their excitement, so they hugged the interviewer. Needless to say, the didn’t get a call back the next day.

2.) Keep your temptations to yourself. I once overheard an interview one of my superiors was having with a man that was once a bank teller. He actually told my boss that he had to make himself quit that job because he constantly thought of stealing. Funny enough, the position he was applying for had daily financial work.

3.) Only focus on one job at a time. One time in a different interview I heard a woman stop right in the middle of her interview to call her present employer to tell them that she wasn’t coming into work because she was sick. Talk about a bad memory! Always call out of the job you have now before you go apply for another.

4.) Honesty isn’t always the best policy. It’s not always a good idea to say exactly what’s on your mind. I’ve actually seem candidates give responses that involved them saying they didn’t like getting up that early for work and the interview.

5.) Mind your manners. If you see a candy dish on display, be sure to only take one. I’ve seen women in the past pour the entire bowl into their purses!

6.) Save your appetite for another time. This one really takes the cake. During his interview, I actually overheard a man call his wife at home to see what they were going to have for dinner that night. Jeez.

7.) Don’t be afraid of hard work, or at least don’t admit that you are. Something employers certainly don’t want to hear is that you are no longer interested in a job if it means you have to put in some hard work.

8.) Don’t disrespect the law. Some candidates have gone as far as telling a potential employer that they would do whatever it takes, legal or illegal, to get the job they were applying for done. Talk about scary.

9.) Avoid denying the obvious. Before going into your interview it’s always a great idea to double check that your cell phone is on silent. One time during another of the hundreds of interviews I’ve overheard, a woman’s cell phone started to ring from inside her briefcase. When confronted about the issue she denied that it was going off even with the noise still screaming from within her bag.

10.) Employers aren’t in to shadiness. Paychecks are typically the normal way people get paid, right? I heard a man ask my superior if he could be paid under the table instead of with a check. If you feel that you’re persuasive enough to make this kind of deal be my guest but more than likely, you’re going to get laughed out of the interview.

11.) Keep your hands to yourself. You might think that this was an obvious manner but some just don’t get it. I’ve seen a member of each gender place their hand on the knee of an interviewer of the opposite sex in attempts to get ‘a better in’ for the job. This may work in some places but in all my years I just haven’t seen it.

12 Questions to Quiz Your Interviewer With

We can all expect to be asked plenty of questions during a job interview, but there are many of us that don’t consider flipping the switch on the interviewer.

It can be just as essential to ask your interviewer questions as the interview itself. If you aren’t fully aware of the terms and conditions of the job you’re applying for it can eventually cause uncertainty and a lack of confidence, which can affect job performance and happiness. Even if you don’t end up taking the job you’re applying for, having questions prepared for your interviewer can be a game changer for you and like I constantly say, make you stand apart from the rest.

It may be slightly intimidating and make you feel out of place to find time to ask you interviewer these questions, but going for it can pay bigger dividends and at the lease leave a memorable impression. Simultaneously, after asking these questions you may find that the company isn’t a good fit for you, saving you time and frustration in the first place. Continue reading

Should I Follow Up a On a Job Interview?

You’ll find that I preach about standing out a lot on this blog. These days, standing out is imperative to your ability to land a decent paying job.

Most people don’t seem to know the first thing about following up after an interview or that you even should for that matter. That’s not exactly a bad thing though-for you at least.

If less people are sending follow up messages after their job interview it gives you a much greater chance to stand out.

These days a follow up doesn’t have to be through the mail but can be over the phone or through email. Email has been found to be the best form of follow up because it can be delivered quickly and you aren’t interrupting anyone’s busy day.

It can be hard to call someone up after an interview not knowing how well they might respond. Calling back after an interview takes guts, which some people find respectful and admirable. If you want to make this impression but need some tips on what you should say, the video below can help you learn how to follow up over the phone after an interview.

It can be a terrific way to build rapport with the person who interviewed you and shown them that you are persistent.

How Soon Should I Follow Up?

How urgent it is to fill the position for the job you’re applying for is the best way to determine how quickly you should send your follow-up. If the employer needs to hire someone immediately, you may be assertive enough to send your note in the next day. These jobs generally attract a wider variety of people which of course means more competition. This is a good reason why sending a follow up can help you break through all the noise.

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4 Last Minute Strategies to Prep for Your Job Interview

You’ve landed a job interview and you obviously want to land the job you’re applying for. The time before the interview is valuable as it can be crucial in preparing you to make a splash and stand out amongst the rest.

Instead of wasting time worrying about whether or not you think you may get the job, setting yourself up for success is key.

Here are 4 strategies you can use to start getting ready the night before so you won’t have to feel rushed and overwhelmed the next day.

1.) Do Your Due Diligence

Not knowing a thing about the company or position you’re applying can be detrimental to the decision of you getting hired.

Most companies have web presences these days and a simple Google search can show you what you need to know about a business. Glassdoor and LinkedIn are great places to start as you can get details on a company and even it’s staff. Many professionals have LinkedIn profiles these days to show off their skills for networking with other professionals. If you know the name of the person you will be interviewing with, take a second to get to know a little about them as well. This may seem creepy to some but hey, they are the one’s that put the information out there so they obviously don’t mind if someone see’s.

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5 Ways to “Dress Up” Your Interview in Style

It’s rough out there- job competition, shortages of jobs, a constant rise in the cost of living.

These days, it’s getting harder for people to land their ideal job that they worked so hard for. Hard, but not impossible.

This may sound to most people reading this, but your ability to land your dream job is held back only by the limitations that you put on yourself.

It’s a noisy world out there, but there are always ways to stand out. In this post, I’ve concocted 5 ways to stand out from your competitors and make that job interview your…well you know what. ;p


1. Classy. Never Casual

As cliche as it may sound, you really must dress for success. What you wear says a lot about you as a person from your confidence level, to attitude, to manner of professionalism.

One of the best things you can do is dress classier than your competition. Now, I’m not saying to go all out with a tuxedo or anything, but the goal is to look good. Damn good.

When you look good, you feel good. Which is great for job interviews because you will gain more confidence.

Also, there’s a psychological benefit to dressing this way because some people will treat you better than the average dressed Deborah.


2. Slice Your Competition in Style

This one may sound a little out there but it’s kind of just for fun.

Dressing fancy is one thing, but you want to always have an original style. Not only will this make you stand out, but it will give you an edge above your fellow competitors.

One of the best ways to do this is to put in more thought and effort than others, and be willing to do the things that they aren’t.

For example, you could take some time before your interview to learn important facts and history about the job and company in order to be better prepared. Out of all the people that are applying, how many do you think will have taken time out of their day to do the same thing? These days- probably not many.

Most companies have websites that you can easily access and obtain the information.

Now if you really wanna do things up big, show up in a limousine. Ha, ok that may be taking it a little overboard but once you get the job you could always take your new boss out as a thank you. ;P

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5 Ways to Eliminate Stress Before an Interview

Job interviews can be absolutely nerve-wracking. Making a first impression is important but it’s hard to relax and be yourself when you’re nervous and tense. It can be hard to keep calm when you are shaken up about an interview, but sometimes we just have to learn to shake it off as our future career typically depends on it.

I used to be someone that had a major stress session before I ever went to an interview. My hands would shake, along with my voice, I couldn’t think straight, and I sweat a lot. This really shook my confidence and made it much harder to ever feel like I was making a good impression. I knew that this was all a big problem but was too scared to ever do anything about it. One day I realized that if I didn’t become more confident in interviews then it may be hard to ever get a decent job.

At first this was scary as hell but I knew I needed to suck it up and get over my fear. I began to look into self-improvement books and started reading around two every month. This drastically improved my confidence by helping my get more comfortable with myself and tap into the reasons I was experiencing my fears in the first place, which brings me to tip number one.

1.) Get to the Bottom of Your Fear(s)

Think about the things that make you nervous in an interview and take some time to think about what could be causing the problem. If you have low confidence or self-esteem, it may be more difficult to make eye contact in an interview and make it harder to think of good responses quickly.

Studying personal development through books and audios can be quite transformational and make you grow as a person. In my experience this is one of the best things that helped in my transformation. When you know what it is that’s scaring you, it becomes easier address with a proper solution.

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